Everyone needs a personal website.

With Qio, it’s so easy to develop & aggregate your own personal brand.

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What is Qio?

Qio lets people build simple yet beautiful personal websites in a few minutes. It’s actually more of a hefty but svelte profile than a website.

There are no technology prerequisites. There’s no HTML. No CSS. There are no widgets or updates to worry about either.

Qio is a way to show off the basics and at the same time “the best of you” which is perfect for leaving great first impressions out there on the internet.

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Why use Qio?

Lots of folks have more social profiles than fingers… so which one is the true “you”? LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter? The answer is all of them and sometimes none of them.

Qio solves that by allowing you to house all of your profiles under one roof. Coupled with your basic info Qio makes it super easy for your future connections to get a quick yet comprehensive overview of who you are.